Plain Cakes Bath

Are you based in Bath and need ready-made cakes? Nude Cakes can help you cut out the hassle of baking, saving you time to do the things you want to. We have a beautiful array of sponge cakes, in various flavours including chocolate, vanilla, red velvet and much more. What’s more, Nude Cakes can provide you with superb fruit cakes, matured to your liking.

Fruit Cakes

Whether you’re building a wonderful wedding cake, teaching a cake decorating class or cake decorating at home with the kids, our ready-made fruit cakes are perfect. Take the fuss of baking and maturing your fruit cake away by ordering your fruit cake online from us. By ordering your cake from us, you’ll be able to concentrate on making your cake look beautiful, rather than worrying about baking it. Our fruit cakes come in an array of sizes, and you can even choose between round fruit cakes or square fruit cakes.

Sponge Cakes

Simple yet sumptuous. Our sponge cakes are great for creating and designing professional, cake designs, or even the more basic cake decoration at home.

With such a large choice of sponge cake flavours available, there’s something to suit every taste here at Nude Cakes. Our sponge cakes are all deliciously light and fluffy and come in vanillachocolatelemonred velvet and chocolate orange flavours.

Plain Cake Delivery In Bath

If you’re looking for somebody to provide you with a cake delivery in Bath, then look no further. Nude Cakes are proud to deliver our exquisite, ready-made sponge and fruit cakes to Bath and all local areas.

We cover the whole of Bath, as well as providing cakes to both businesses and individuals in Trowbridge, Newton St Loe, Farnborough, Chippenham and everywhere in between. So, order cakes online to Bath today and take advantage of our ‘Bath Cake Delivery’ service?

Bath Cake Supplier

If you’re a caterer, cake decorator or for any reason you require a bulk cake delivery in Bath, then Nude Cakes are here to help! Our plain sponge cakes and fruit cakes give you the perfect base for conducting a cake decorating tutorial or even building the perfect wedding cake. Nude Cakes are here to help you cut out the hassle of you having to bake your own cakes, allowing you to focus on the decoration.

At Nude Cakes, we offer a fantastic discount on wholesale cake orders in Bath. Simply get in touch to find out more.