Gorgeous Handmade Cakes To Decorate

Baking is what we do best – it’s our passion. That’s why we leave the decorating to the expert – you!

Your beautifully crafted decorations deserve the very best foundation and you simply can’t get better than our sumptuous ready to decorate cakes packed full of the finest ingredients.

Perfectly baked thanks to years of baking expertise, our stunning, gourmet cakes have a taste and texture that has to be tried to be believed.

Our Fruit Cakes

When you first cut a slice of our gourmet fruit cake you’ll notice the heaps of fruit we cram into every cake. In fact, there’s over 50% fruit in every cake, much more than your average fruit cake!

And we don’t stop there, we only use the finest quality vine fruits in our cakes to make them extra tasty. Take our sultanas for example; you might think sultanas are all the same but when you compare the juicy, real Turkish sultanas we always use to those little, hard, cheaper sultanas in a lot of other cakes, you’ll soon see (and taste!) why we swear by them and insist on using them every time.

The gorgeous, moist texture and delicious taste isn’t all about the fruits though; we’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeves to make our cakes extra, extra special! Here are just a few of our secrets (we can’t give them all away now can we?!)

  • The cakes are made from an all butter recipe rather than using a cake margarine, giving them a real home-made flavour.
  • We only ever use free range eggs in our cakes.
  • We use just the right amount of dark molasses which gives each and every cake that temptingly dark colouration and unique rich sweetness that’s our trademark.
  • We add a dollop of black treacle to perfectly complement the fruits and give a delicate, balanced flavour and a subtle note of caramel.
  • Pure almond essence gives the cakes an irresistible nutty sweetness and a beautiful aroma.
  • All of our beautiful fruit cakes are handmade right here in the UK.

Over time our fruit cakes will mature, allowing the flavours and texture to develop to give even more richness and complexity. If you plan to keep your cake, either keep it wrapped up or pop it in an airtight container and keep at room temperature.

Our Sponge Cakes

Light, moist and delicious, our sponge cake bases are perfectly baked using a traditional recipe to give you that home-made flavour and finish, perfect for any celebration.

We provide sponge cakes ready to decorate in fivelovely flavours:

  • Luxury Vanilla
  • Indulgent Chocolate
  • Luscious Lemon
  • Decadent Chocolate Orange
  • Vampy Red Velvet

All of our sponge cakes have a 14 day shelf-life from the day of dispatch.

Please note that during the baking process it is normal for sponge cakes to shrink slightly in size. For example, a 12″ cake baked in a 12″ tin, once baked can shrink by a minimum of 5mm. It is important to take this into account when planning and ordering your cakes.