Frequently Asked Questions About Our Fruit Cakes

[toggle title=”What’s the shelf-life of your cakes?”]Our fruit cakes are freshly baked (unless you request a matured cake, see below for more info), giving you at least 9 months of storage time. However, as with any traditional fruit cake, the taste and texture will improve, not diminish, over time, so provided you keep the cake in a cool, dry place and wrapped (either in the original wrapping or cling-film) to ensure air does not get to it, there is really no shelf-life to fruit cake, they just get better and better![/toggle]

[toggle title=”How should I store your cakes?”]

To store our cakes, simply pop them on a shelf or in a cupboard – you don’t need to refrigerate or freeze the cakes. Keep them in their wrappers until you need to use them. If you decide to unwrap them, wrap in cling-film and store in a tin or Tupperware container. The only thing to make sure of is that there are no really drastic changes in temperature (e.g from freezing to really warm).[/toggle]

[toggle title=”What’s depth of a cake?”]

Our cakes as a standard depth of 2.5 inches. When covered in marzipan and icing this gives an approximately 3″ tall cake which is the usual for most wedding, christening and Christmas cakes. If you are producing a taller cake, we recommend stacking two or more cakes together to achieve a greater height. Top tip: Use a smear of apricot glaze as a ‘glue’ to stick two cakes together, compress lightly, leave to rest for at least 24 hours and when the cake is cut the seam should be invisible!.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Is there any alcohol in the cake?”]

We use a light sherry in our fruit cakes. The cakes do not have an alcohol taste though (if you want a boozy cake, you can feed it yourself, see the next question). [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Can I feed the cakes (alcohol) myself?”]

Yes, if you want a more ‘boozy’ cake you can ‘feed’ it yourself. Check out this page for some tips on feeding fruit cakes.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Can I mature the cake myself?”]

Yes of course. Unless you request otherwise, we’ll send you a perfect, freshly baked cake which you can mature yourself for as long as you wish. Just make sure you keep it wrapped, dry, out of direct sunlight (i.e. in a box) and nice and cool.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Can I you send me a cake which has already been matured?”]

Yes. We keep a rolling stock of cakes from fresh to 9 months mature. Please specify that you would like a matured cake in the notes box on the checkout page and we will do our best to provide one.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”What makes the cake so moist and tasty?”]

We use black treacle and dark molasses to ensure the cakes stay moist and don’t lose any of their gorgeous taste or texture if you choose to mature them.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”What gives the cake it’s dark, rich appearance?”]

It’s the black treacle and molasses which give the cakes their luxurious colour and balanced flavour.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Are the cakes suitable for vegetarians?”]

Yes, we do not use gelatine in our cakes.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Are the cakes suitable for vegans?”]

No. We use real butter and free range egg in our cakes.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Do you use any genetically modified (GM) ingredients in your cakes?”]

Absolutely not.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Do your cakes contain nuts?”]

Our cakes contain almond essence. The cakes are made in a bakery where nuts are present.[/toggle]

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