• Fruit Cake Bases

    Luxury fruit cake bases can be ordered freshly baked or already matured and ready to decorate; giving you the perfect cake base for any type of cake.

    Our ready-made fruit cakes are packed with plump vine fruits and contain only the finest ingredients. They are a genuinely indulgent, luxury cake with a beautifully balanced taste and moist, sumptuous texture.

    The high-quality and great taste of our fruit cakes means they’re perfect for wedding cake bases, other celebration cakes, or simply for cake decorating enthusiasts looking to get creative with their designs. Our excellent bakery ensures that you don’t need to worry about the baking aspect; all you need to do is apply your sugarcraft skills to create your ideal cake.

    All of our fruit cakes are made using a traditional recipe to ensure quality and consistency.
    Choose fruit cake base sizes from 4″ – 14″ in square or round.

    All cakes are a minimum of 2.5″ deep, the standard depth to give a 3″ deep cake once marzipan and icing are applied.

    If you require a mature fruit cake, please state this at checkout in the ‘notes’ box.

    Ready Made Fruit Cakes

    Buying ready made fruit cake bases is a great way to save both time (and in some cases save money) when it comes to creating beautifully designed fruit cakes. By choosing to order ready-made fruit cake bases from Nude Cakes, you cut out the hassle and time it takes to bake your own fruit cakes. On top of that, Nude Cakes traditional cake recipes ensure that our cake bases (fruit and sponge cake bases) don’t just look great but taste incredible as well.

    Fruit Cake Bases for Weddings

    In the UK we’re all accustomed to the glorious multi-tiered cakes that inhabit so many wedding venues across the country every weekend of the year. However, what we often forget is that these magnificent cakes begin life as a simple fruit cake base. Nude Cakes are proud to be regular suppliers of cake bases for weddings throughout the UK.

    Plain Fruit Cake Bases for Decorating

    Decorating plain fruit cakes can be a fun and rewarding hobby to do on your own, with your children or with friends. Nude Cakes plain fruit cakes for decorating allow you to practice your hobby and have some fun without having to worry about baking cakes. However, most importantly, you don’t have to worry about doing all the cleaning up that is a consequence of baking cakes.

    So, if you want to start decorating cakes, but don’t want the hassle of baking and cleaning, then why not try our ready to decorate fruit cakes?

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