How much marzipan do I need to cover a cake?

Use our handy tool to calculate how much marzipan you need to buy to cover your cake. Simply select the size and shape of the cake, and the amount of marzipan you need is displayed below – it’s that easy!


Order your perfect amount of Marzipan!

Our Marzipan Calculator shows the amounts needed for a 5mm covering of marzipan. Of course, the exact amount of marzipan you need will depend on how thick you want your marzipan to be; so, please make sure you factor this in if you want to roll it a little thicker.

Using Nude Cakes Marzipan Calculator, you can find out how much marzipan you’ll need to cover your Plain Fruit Cakes and Plain Sponge Cakes. By understanding the exact amount of marzipan required, you can ensure you aren’t caught short when it comes to decorating your cakes, as well as cutting costs by eliminating waste.