Square Fruit Cakes to Decorate

Square fruit cakes ready to decorate for any celebration or occasion in sizes from 6″ – 12″.

Our ready-made square fruit cakes are baked using a tried and trusted recipe. By following a more traditional fruit cake recipe, it means we can promise that all of our square fruit cakes are consistently exquisite.

All of the fruit cakes that we bake are jam-packed full of sumptuous vine fruits and are made using the finest cake baking ingredients. By using only the finest ingredients, we can ensure that every single fruit cake we bake is moist, rich and tastes great.

The exceptional quality of our plain square fruit cakes means that they are perfect for wedding cake bases and Christmas cake bases. Buying ready made fruit cakes is also great for people who enjoy decorating cakes but aren’t too keen on baking, or simply don’t have the time.

Choose square fruit cake base sizes from 6″ – 12″.

All our square fruit cakes are a minimum 2.5″ in depth as standard. This will give a 3″ high finished cake; the ideal size for most wedding cake tiers.
If you require a mature square fruit cake base, simply let us know in the ‘notes’ section at the checkout stage.

Ready Made Square Fruit Cakes

Ready-made square fruit cakes are perfect for people who enjoy cake decorating, but simply don’t like to bake them. Without having to worry about baking your own fruit cakes, you can fully concentrate on cake decorating and creating your masterpiece. Nude Cakes plain square fruit cakes not only save you from having to bake your cakes, but they also taste incredible. So, if you like decorating cakes but not baking, then why not buy plain square fruit cakes to decorate from Nude Cakes today?

Plain Square Fruit Cakes for Decorating

In the UK, decorating cakes is an extremely popular hobby. Cake decorating gives you the chance to be creative and relax; it also helps that the end result is delicious. At Nude Cakes, we are proud to provide delicious plain square fruit cakes across the UK to so many cake decorating enthusiasts and experts.


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