Sponge Cake Bases

Moist, light and delicious sponge cake bases ready to decorate. Nude Cakes provide vanilla sponge cake bases, chocolate sponge cake bases, red velvet sponge cake bases, lemon sponge cake bases and chocolate orange sponge cake bases in round or square bases. Our sponge cakes are available from 6 inches to 12 inches.

All our plain sponge cake bases are made using the finest natural ingredients. The quality ingredients that go into our sponge cake recipe ensure that our sponge cake bases are not only light, fluffy and look great, but also taste incredible.

The exceptional-quality and great taste of our sponge cakes mean they’re perfect for party cake bases, celebration cakes, or simply for cake decorators looking to save time while getting creative with cake designs. Nude Cakes ensures that there’s no need to worry about baking; all you need to do is apply your cake decorating skills to create the perfect sponge cake design.

Both our vanilla sponge cake bases, and our chocolate sponge cake bases are mixed using the traditional Genoise foaming method; originating from Italian city Genoa. By using this process, it means that our vanilla and chocolate cakes are officially Genoise sponge cakes.

All cakes are a minimum of 2.5″ deep, the standard depth to give a 3″ deep cake once marzipan and icing are applied.

Choose plain sponge cake base sizes from 6″ – 12″ in square or round

Cakes are sent from frozen and will keep for up to 14 days.

Please be aware that a small amount of shrinkage is normal as the sponges cool so the cakes may be fractionally smaller than the tin size stated.

Ready Made Sponge Cakes

Buying ready made sponge cake bases is a great way to save both time (and in some cases save money) when it comes to creating beautiful sponge cake designs. By choosing to order ready-made sponge cake bases from Nude Cakes, there is no need for you to take the time baking your sponge cakes. Also, Nude Cakes traditional recipes ensure that our cake bases (sponge and fruit cake bases) look and taste great.

Sponge Cake Bases for Birthday Parties

When you think party, what do you think of? Cake! All around the UK, there are thousands of birthday parties and other celebrations every day; and, at each of these celebrations, you’ll no doubt find a beautiful cake is at the centre of all activity. The sponge cakes that you’ll find at parties are often colourful and exuberant with beautiful patterns and designs. However, all these luxurious cakes are designed and built upon a quality sponge cake base. Nude Cakes are extremely happy that many of our basic sponge cakes go on to become beautifully designed centrepieces at parties across the UK.

Plain Sponge Cake Bases for Decorating

Decorating plain sponge cakes can be an enjoyable task to do either on your own, with friends or with your children. Nude Cakes plain sponge cakes for decorating allow you to start decorating cakes and trying out your design skills without worrying about baking cake bases. Simply unbox the cakes and start decorating. Also, most importantly, you don’t have to worry about the cleaning up. So, avoid the hassle of cake baking and cleaning and try our ready to decorate sponge cakes.