Chocolate Sponge Cake Bases

Chocolate sponge cake bases ready to decorate. Our chocolate sponge cakes have a wonderfully moist texture and a smooth, silky, chocolately taste, making them irresistible and perfect for decorating at home.

Every chocolate sponge cake baked by Nude Cakes contains only the finest cake making ingredients. Using only the best ingredients and sticking to a proven, traditional chocolate sponge recipe, we can ensure that our cakes don’t only look great, they also taste beautiful.

Our chocolate sponge cakes are mixed using the traditional Genoise sponge cake method; making them Genoise sponge cakes.

Our chocolate cake bases are the perfect foundation for your sugarcraft creations.

All of our chocolate sponge cakes are a minimum 2.5″ in depth and can be stacked to produce taller cakes.

Cakes are sent from frozen and will keep for up to 14 days.

Every one of our chocolate, vanilla, lemon, red velvet and chocolate orange sponge cake bases are wrapped individually and shipped to you in super-strong boxes. Our cake products are also sent via a tracked courier so that we can ensure that they arrive safe and on time.

Ready Made Chocolate Sponge Cakes

Chocolate sponge cakes are one of those treats that life wouldn’t be the same without. But, baking the perfect chocolate cake isn’t quite as easy as many people think. No need to worry! With our ready-made chocolate sponge cakes, you don’t need to worry about honing your baking skills; instead, you can focus on what you really want to be doing, which is enjoying your chocolate cake.

Plain Chocolate Sponge Cakes for Decorating

If you enjoy cake decorating as a hobby or it’s your profession, then our chocolate sponge cake bases to decorate are perfect for you. No matter if you’re designing a multi-tiered monster or a simple icing pattern, our plain chocolate cakes give you the ideal base to get creative.

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