Ready To Decorate Cakes From Nude Cakes

All of our cakes come ready to decorate and are 100% delicious and 100% nude! This means you can do all the fun stuff at home. If you are unsure what to decorate our delectable cakes with, fear not! We have it covered. Below, you can find some of our personal favourites!

Any questions or queries get in touch with us.

A selection of our favourite Nude Cakes…

Beautiful cakes deserve the very best decoration. You simply can’t get better than our sumptuous ready to decorate cakes, packed full of flavor, using only the finest ingredients.

Red Velvet Stack
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Buying Nude Cakes with confidence!

At Nude Cakes, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best tasting cakes. We offer a range of cake bases that taste amazing, leaving you to concentrate on decorating your cakes and making them look beautiful.

Over 4 decades of baking experience and over 150 years of baking expertise, means you are guarantee to get the perfect cake every time.

So start ordering and let us take care of the baking while you get creative and produce a stunning showcase. After all, who doesn’t like bragging rights between family and friends!!

Our cakes are baked fresh everyday, as well as being supplied to you ambient. They are suitable for freezing and will last up to 6 months once frozen.

Our finest quality, hand-made, cakes come ready to decorate and are perfect for a weddings, birthday party’s, christenings or any celebratory event. This is because our cakes are perfectly baked thanks to years of work by our baking expertise. Our stunning, soft and rich cakes have a taste and texture that has to be tried to be believed.

Baking is what we do best – it’s our passion. That’s why we leave the decorating to the expert – you!